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 Why choose Dale Audrey R.D.H.? Dale Audrey's experience is unmatched in the industry. Working clinically with patients and promoting a more natural, effective and affordable answer,  is the reason for Dale Audrey R.D.H Products. 
Does White2nite cause tooth sensitivity?
No, Absolutely not, rest assured, our Professional Power formula is both safe and effective.
How many applications in the White2nite Pen?
There are 30 applications in the pen, twice a day should last up to two weeks, one drop is enough for top and bottom of front teeth.
 How do I maintain my white smile?
Use periodically and White2nite will immediately brighten up your smile!
Can I spit Dale Audrey Oral Pulling Rinse down the sink? 
Yes Absolutely, it will not cause any issues.
When is the best time to use Dale Audrey Oral Pulling Rinse?
You can use anytime! The Ayurvedic philosophy of detoxing, recommends first thing in the morning before you eat or drink, on an empty stomach.
Dale Audrey Oral Pulling Rinse,   How much do I use?
Use approx 1.5 teaspoons, you don't need much, the longer you swish, the more your mouth will fill up!
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